Monday, March 25, 2013

Egle in the kitchen : cupcakes!

Hello hello! It has been awhile since my last blog post ,sorry for that. I'm just so busy ,preparing for my english and lithuanian language tests. However, I want to share with you one amazing cucpakes recipe!

You will need 
4 eggs
80 gr brown sugar
250 gr flour
1 tsp baking flour

for frosting
1.80gr milk/dark chocolate
15 gr butter
2. 1 egg
2 tbsp sugar powder

a bit of lemon juice
cupcakes and cakes decorations , coconut shavings

1. Melt chocolate with butter and in one bowl mix it with eggs. In second bowl mix flour and baking flour. Than mix everything together
2. Heat the oven until 180C and put cupcakes pastry to paper cups . And then put everything to the oven.

3. Doing frosting. For the chocolate one , melt chocolate with butter. Put it on baked cupcakes and sprinkle with coconut shavings or white cholate small pieces.
For the other , mix egg with sugar powder and lemon juice. If you want that this frosting was colorful , add cherry , kiwi or other gelatin powder. I used a bit of a cherry gelatin. Than put this mass on baked cupcakes and decorate with other decorations.
I did these cupcakes for good friend's of mine birthday gift. She was so happy for this kind of present.
Have a nice day , I'm runing to my lithuanian speaking test. Good luck for me !

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