Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Egle in the kitchen. Iceberg salad with olives.

I LOVE TO COOK! So sometimes I will share my experiments and recipes with you.  
Salads are one of the easily prepared meals. Tomatoes,cucumbers,lettuce,potatoes,pasta,bananas,apples and etc. - you can put EVERYTHING while doing salads. Just let your imagination free . And this evening I did iceberg salads with olives. 

So here is what you need :
1 Iceberg lettuce
1/2 cucumber
200-250g black or green olives . I had green olives ,but it doesn't make sense
Soy sauce or olive oil.

Tear iceberg lettuce in pieces. Smaller or bigger - doesn't matter ,just how you like more. Slive cucumber in bricks. Then slice olives in three pieces (you can cut in a half if you like bigger pieces). Then put everything in a plate and sprinkle soy sauce/olive oil. And..here it is - easy salads iwth iceberg and olives

Bon apetit!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Living is easy

I'm back in my city. Everyday chilling ,dancing,meeting my friends and enjoying summer. I've really missed Klaipeda and my friends. Half of summer just working and now I can start to enjoy my holidays :)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

International street market.

I thoguht that today i'll visit Kristianstad for the last time and do a calm walk through citys street ,but then i saw this...
Yes,yes,various countries street markets from clothing to food! 
UK offered a ot of nice looking and tasting nougat truffles

 Netherlands with cheese and sausages

Wonderful Italy brought pies,cakes,cookies,pasta,sausages and cheese

Mon amour France produced soap and som sweets  it was really strange ,but NO there was NO MACARON!

Australia with funny offer :D

 I have big addiction to cheese so I bought 2 peaces of it and also some Italian deserts

And that's me!
So gotta go! We are leaving house after 20 min and tomorrow I'll wake up in Lithuania! Bye! ;*

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hej då ,Sverige!

So, tomorrow I'm leaving Sweden and coming back to my home! I'm so excited because I missed my hometown,my friends,my cat - everything!
About today. Today we were in Malmö . I'm wisiting Malmö not the first time ,but I'm always impressed by the beauty of this city. So ,today worked out in Malm
ö really hard ,I meant shopping :D And I want to share some photos with you . By the way ,I didn't took photos of clothes and accesories ,because it would take a lot of my time :D

me and my mom chilling after all day

Well,what can I say.. I had great time in Malmö like always! And yead,I was in Starbucks! First time! Yea,prices were a bit high ,but i understand why. Like you saw, i was drinking big  frappuccino which costed 53 kr. But it was worth it! Amazing look and taste . And I really liked that barrista wrote my name on cup and (hard to believe buuuuuuut) she spelled and wrote  my name right! Without any mistake :D I am saying this to you ,becaus a lot of foreigners couldn't spell my name right. 

And that's my look of today 

So,that's all. Now I'm going to pack my all stuff. Trust me ,it will TAKE TIME...
 that's not all my stuff :D
So good night/evening to you and me!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Who run the world???

Girls! And there is one girl that is a big inspiration to me - Beyonce. Her voice, performances , her style and herself - I like it so much!! 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Mémoire sur Paris

My sundays afternoons is always lazy and calm when I'm in Sweden. So I'm going to watch "Midnight in Paris" and pamper myself with fruits and yogurt! So ,Bon appétit et avoir un amusant film to me!

P.S. And how are you spending your afternoon?