Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Egle in the kitchen. Iceberg salad with olives.

I LOVE TO COOK! So sometimes I will share my experiments and recipes with you.  
Salads are one of the easily prepared meals. Tomatoes,cucumbers,lettuce,potatoes,pasta,bananas,apples and etc. - you can put EVERYTHING while doing salads. Just let your imagination free . And this evening I did iceberg salads with olives. 

So here is what you need :
1 Iceberg lettuce
1/2 cucumber
200-250g black or green olives . I had green olives ,but it doesn't make sense
Soy sauce or olive oil.

Tear iceberg lettuce in pieces. Smaller or bigger - doesn't matter ,just how you like more. Slive cucumber in bricks. Then slice olives in three pieces (you can cut in a half if you like bigger pieces). Then put everything in a plate and sprinkle soy sauce/olive oil. And..here it is - easy salads iwth iceberg and olives

Bon apetit!

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