Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hej då ,Sverige!

So, tomorrow I'm leaving Sweden and coming back to my home! I'm so excited because I missed my hometown,my friends,my cat - everything!
About today. Today we were in Malmö . I'm wisiting Malmö not the first time ,but I'm always impressed by the beauty of this city. So ,today worked out in Malm
ö really hard ,I meant shopping :D And I want to share some photos with you . By the way ,I didn't took photos of clothes and accesories ,because it would take a lot of my time :D

me and my mom chilling after all day

Well,what can I say.. I had great time in Malmö like always! And yead,I was in Starbucks! First time! Yea,prices were a bit high ,but i understand why. Like you saw, i was drinking big  frappuccino which costed 53 kr. But it was worth it! Amazing look and taste . And I really liked that barrista wrote my name on cup and (hard to believe buuuuuuut) she spelled and wrote  my name right! Without any mistake :D I am saying this to you ,becaus a lot of foreigners couldn't spell my name right. 

And that's my look of today 

So,that's all. Now I'm going to pack my all stuff. Trust me ,it will TAKE TIME...
 that's not all my stuff :D
So good night/evening to you and me!

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  1. Great photographs! Your look of the day is gorgeous!