Thursday, July 19, 2012

International street market.

I thoguht that today i'll visit Kristianstad for the last time and do a calm walk through citys street ,but then i saw this...
Yes,yes,various countries street markets from clothing to food! 
UK offered a ot of nice looking and tasting nougat truffles

 Netherlands with cheese and sausages

Wonderful Italy brought pies,cakes,cookies,pasta,sausages and cheese

Mon amour France produced soap and som sweets  it was really strange ,but NO there was NO MACARON!

Australia with funny offer :D

 I have big addiction to cheese so I bought 2 peaces of it and also some Italian deserts

And that's me!
So gotta go! We are leaving house after 20 min and tomorrow I'll wake up in Lithuania! Bye! ;*

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