Wednesday, August 8, 2012

DIY cut off denim shorts

Yesterday I was inspired to re-do my old clothing ,decorate something. I remembered that I've always wanted to cut old jeans to shorts. So I went to second hand shop and boguht male jeans for 1 litas. 
 It's really easy and fun way to make denim shorts. And you don't need to pay a lot of for them in some shopping centre. So you will need : scissors , pair denim jeans , chalk or white candle and ruler. So , decide what lenght shorts you want and mark that with candle or chalk. Than just cut it off.

And that's it! Well , if you want to make them more crazy ,vintage and authentic ,you can do the same as I did. I took needle and ripped end of shorts.

 After that I washed shorts in washing machine. VUOLA!

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