Wednesday, August 8, 2012

DIY tie dye t -shirt

I've always wanted to try this technique . I watched a lot of tutorials ,red a lot of instructions and than I decided to try on my own. So what you will need is white t - shirt , rubber bands and paint for clothing. 
So firstly  decide what design you want to have on your t - shirt.
There are some techniques : 
But I did different way ,which I saw on youtube or in some blog (Haah,I don't remember :D) . Tie knots in the T-shirt and secure it with rubber bands. I tied knots like this .  

Yep,this is picture of other t - shirts ,because I forgot to take one before dyeing them ,but tecnique is the same. When you tie knots in the centre of t - shirts , try to tie the same "towers" in other places. Remember - more knots - better ornament. 
When tie enough knots , tie all t - shirt ,that they could fit in your hand. After that prepare clothing paints (follow instruction on packet).  Put t -shirt in water with prepared paints and let it soak for about 30 minutes.

Than undo knots and rinse shirt in cold water. This is my result!

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